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Association Volunteering and Solidarity

AVS - Association of Volunteering and Solidarity is a non profit making association. It was recently created but it has a great experience as most of its members have worked for many years within associations working in volunteering and humanitarian activities, a fact which enabled them to acquire a good experience in mounting and carrying out different types of projects: activities with kidsplanting trees and gardening activities in public establishments, environment campaigns, international work camps…..
Through our activities we mean to achieve the following goals:

* Contributing to sustainable development.
* Sensitizing people to the importance of volunteering and solidarity.

* Developing people’s awareness of their duty toward their community
* Contributing to the protection of green areas and environment in general.
* Opening new horizons for kids to develop their skills and personalities.
* Creating a cultural exchange that would contribute to better understanding and peace between peoples and nations


Volunteering in Morocco 2016

For the year 2016, the association AVS Volunteerism and Solidarity (Ouarzazate, Morocco) is organizing two international projects of volunteer work and cultural exchange :

FROM 16 JULY TO 03 August
--- AVS 1 Kids : International work camp of child animation (Atrelier Music, Theatre Workshop, Clown, out with the kids)
--- AVS 2 Painting : International work camp of Painting (Fresco, Drawing ....)
FROM 13 AUGUST TO 31 August
--- AVS 1 Kids : International work camp of child animation (Atrelier Music, Theatre Workshop, Clown, out with the kids)
--- AVS 2 Painting : International work camp of Painting (Fresco, Drawing ....)
PLEASE SEND US ' CHOOSEN CAMP ' on email's Subject.
For more information on these two sites, which also contain several activities for volunteers (visits, excursions, parties ... nationality ...) www.avsozt.org please visit our website or contact us by email at: info @ avsozt.org or avs.ozt(at)hotmail.com as you can contact the AVS ambassador to France: info(at)avsozt.org best regards AVS

------------------- Why This Project -------------------------------

Why this project?
There are no much facilities for children in Ouarzazate and its neighborhood. It is not the habit that children have toys. and schools have no playgrounds or schoolyards. A lot of children are bored, hanging around, doing nothing. For these children AVS wants to organize activities in the summer to give them a nice holiday. AVS aims to attract especially children from poor families,
The children will be grouped according to their age. Each team of volunteers will guide a group of children. Volunteers are free to design the program and choose activities according to their own whishes and the preferences of the children. Examples of activities are theater, dance, music, games and sports. Again, volunteers have to take into account that there are limited materials available.

Before your arrival we expect you to have many ideas of activities to do for the kids, so when you are preparing the work with other volunteers you can participate giving ideas and propose activites.
Mostly children understand the games/tasks by giving a first example, but there are also permanent translators in case.
Volunteers will stay together in a house.
Who can participate?
Everybody with the minimum age of 18 years old and who is strongly motivated and creative.
Apply at: